Barrel Aged San Marcelino
$ 16.00

Barrel Aged San Marcelino

Tasting Notes: Red Wine, Dark Chocolate, Coconut, Vanilla

The first release in our new "Experimental Series." We took a stellar washed El Salvadorian coffee from Finca San Marcelino and conditioned it in a spent Cabernet barrel made from American Oak. Resting for only 30 days, really shows how important effective bags are to specialty coffee. This coffee soaked up so much winey-ness and oak! It's not for everyone but definitely a great coffee that has some great notes. Perfect for an after-dinner coffee.

Origin: El Salvador
Canton San Isidro, Izalco, Sonsonate
Orange Bourbon
1300-1650 masl
Washed, Sun Dried, Oak barrel Conditioned

12 oz / 340 gm