Wush Wush - Anaerobic Natural
$ 24.00

Wush Wush - Anaerobic Natural

Tasting Notes: Welch's Gummies, Sweet Tarts, Soda Pop

The Wush Wush is a varietal that originated in Ethiopia and it is named after the small growing town of Wushwush. Since then, the varietal has started showing up in other countries such as Colombia. It is considered to be a rare varietal, although, due to its intense flavor profile, it has recently become more popular and sought after as the demand for unique specialty coffee increases. Over the last few years different versions of the Wush Wush varietal have boasted big scores.  

We are thankful to be able to get our hands on what we think is the best expression and processing of this variety to date.

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Guji
Variety: Heirloom 
Altitude: 2200 MASL
Processing: Four day anaerobic fermentation

12 oz / 340 gm

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