El Obraje Natural Snapchill Cans
$ 6.00

El Obraje Natural Snapchill Cans

12 oz / 340 gm

Tasting Notes: Grape Jolly-Rancher, Fruit Gusher Candy

We worked with Elemental Beverage to create some snapchilled cans of Cup of Excellence winning farm El Obraje! 

The process brews the coffee hot, then flash cools and cans with lower oxidation, more flavor, better acidity, balance and nuance than a cold brewed coffee.

The hundred-hectare Hacienda El Obraje is a truly stunning property in the mountains of the Nariño department, with coffee planted on the slopes descending to a river valley. The transition from apple orchard to coffee estate began as a challenge, but has proven to be a rewarding venture. Pablo’s background in architecture leads him to approach coffee from both passionate and pragmatic angles, applying planting and processing strategies designed for long term farm health.

El Obraje’s wet mill on the property is extremely tidy and includes tile fermentation tanks, depulping equipment, mechanical oven dryers, and raised drying beds under a solar dryer. Coffee processing begins as soon as the cherries are harvested. 

According to Pablo, “Experimenting with fermentation has been quite interesting. We have tried different times and temperatures, first with the cherries and after with the beans. I have learned many things. It’s important to have always the same quantity of coffee during the fermentation process, or at least give the coffee similar conditions of space and temperature.”

Shelf stable up to 4 months, but we recommend keeping them refrigerated for optimal quality.

Origin: Colombia
Region: Narino
Variety: Caturra
Altitude: 2200 masl
Processing: Natural, dried on raised beds.