Jacob Montero - Anaerobic Natural
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Jacob Montero - Anaerobic Natural

12 oz / 340 gm

Tasting Notes: Watermelon, Bubble Gum, White Grape

Anibal lot is a sub-section of a farm located on the southern hills of El Llano de la Piedra, which is the small town where the Montero family lives. Named after one of Carlos’ brothers--It was initially empty when Carlos and his dad bought it together in the late 80’s. Once purchased, they started planting coffee there with a loan from Coope Dota where they were still members. After a number of years, Carlos and Eli were able to use the first few years of its harvest to pay back the loan. Beto and Juan-Eli would help their father in his portion of the plantation and Carlos would take care of his own. When Carlos decided to begin focusing on producing Apples at La Pastora--they split and Eli gave the land to Carlos’ brothers. Since Carlos completely renovated La Pastora to be a coffee field and began processing his own production he bought Anibal lot back from his brothers. Still today, the plantation is 1 hectare planted with 7,000 catuai trees. Great soil and shade from bananas, citrus, mangos, and poros gives this lot an advantage in long term health and cup results. The Pirris River Valley complements the strategy and work of the farmers providing just the right exposure to light and a consistent rejuvenating breeze. 

Process: This Anaerobic process is an experiment that Jacob did with yeast (liquid taken from another coffee fermentation) for the first time. The cherries are placed in the fermentation barrels for 72 hours with this liquid yeast which is a fermentation starter that activates faster the fermentation.

Drying: Once the coffee has gone through this Anaerobic process in the barrels, the cherries are put out to dry like a Natural process on raised beds covered closely by a plastic canopy. To avoid over fermentation the coffee was dried in a thin layer to dry a bit faster and moved with a rake-like tool by Evelio, the singular wet mill staffer, about every two hours during the day and it takes roughly 20 days until the coffee is dried to its optimal moisture content.

Origin: Costa Rica
Region: El Llano, Tarrazu
Variety: Catuai
Altitude: 1600 masl
Processing: Anaerobic Natural

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