Jose Gomez - Nariño
$ 28.00

Jose Gomez - Nariño

12 oz / 340 gm

Tasting Notes: Blood Orange, Red Grape, Candy


This coffee comes from the Best Cup 2019 competition and auction. Over 1,500 farmers and producers had submitted their coffees for the Best Cup this year! Roasters and green coffee buyers from all over came to Popayan Coombia to cup the top 30 coffees to narrow down the top 15 for a live auction at the end of the week. Jose Gomez was the #5 coffee from the auction.  We are excited to share one of the top 5 coffees to come out of Colombia this year.  

Jose's small 3 hectare farm, named El Pacer, in the Loma del Ganado, Colón Génova region of Nariño. We purchased all four bags that were produced from the farm - He grows Castillo and Colombia varieties. The coffee is picked ripe and given 22 hours to ferment, after which it's washed and laid in a greenhouse with a double wall to dry. Drying time is slow and calculated, about 15 days.  

Region: Nariño
Variety: Castillo and Colombia
Altitude: 2150 MASL
Processing: Washed

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