Yukro Lot #7 - Ethiopia
Yukro Lot #7 - Ethiopia
$ 16.00

Yukro Lot #7 - Ethiopia

Tasting Notes: Kiwi, Lychee, Orange Blossom

Yukro is named after the village the coffee is produced in, is a cooperative comprised of about 400 members. The members operate both as shareholders and farmers who deliver wild heirloom varietals small plots near the washing station. At Yukro, in the Jimma Zone, the coffee is pulped and washed, then the coffee is soaked before being sun-dried on raised beds.  Once on the beds members rotate and sort the coffee by hand.

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Jimma
Variety: Ethiopia Landraces
Altitude: 2000 MASL
Processing: Washed & Dried on Raised Beds

12 oz / 340 gm