Brew Guide: Kalita Wave 185

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Brew Time

3 Minutes


  • Kalita 185 Dripper
  • Paper Filter
  • Grinder
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Kettle


  • 25 Grams Ground Coffee (Medium Coarse)
  • 390 Grams Hot Water
    (195-200 Degrees, or brought to a boil and allowed to sit for 30 seconds)

Begin Brewing

1. Place your filter in the dripper and rinse filter with hot water. This will rinse any papery flavor while preheating your brewing device. 

2. Discard the hot water and pour 25 Grams of coffee into the filter. Shake the filter to level the grounds flat.

    3. Place your Kalita dripper on your scale and tare the weight to 0 Grams.

    4. “Bloom” the coffee. Add double the weight of your coffee (50 Grams) in water over the grounds and allow them to sit for 15-30 seconds. Start your timer.

      5. At 30 seconds, pour water over the coffee in continuous circles until the scale reads 390 Grams.

      6. Let the coffee continue to drain into your decanter. Your total brew time should be between 2:30-3:30 minutes.

      7. Once all the water has drained, toss out the filter with the grounds and serve immediately.

      8. Enjoy!

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