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Founded by Jerad Jay in 2015.  Originally a home roaster, roasting batches of coffee on an uber-mico drum roaster in his kitchen, in downtown las vegas.  Jerad was blown away by how beautiful, high-quality specialty coffee could taste when roasted with care.  Those days of working at a dead-end job coupled with the excitement of experiencing new flavors, were the catalyst to start Vesta.

We continue (daily) on a path of wonder, excitement, learning, and commitment to quality, with our farmers/suppliers who trust us with their coffee, crops, and products.  

Vesta Coffee Roasters is now MORE THAN JUST A ROASTER!  We operate four beautiful, inclusive cafes in Las Vegas, serve a menu that is over 98% scratch made, source not only the best coffees, but also strive to work on sourcing local and sustainable ingredients, operate our own world-class bakery, and wholesale coffees to food an beverage outlets across the world.  

All led by the principles of our values; 

  • Wow the Guest - Make every guest feel seen and delighted.  
  • Serve Each Other - in this order - Employees, Guests, Suppliers/Vendors, Shareholders / Investors.
  • Creative Consistency - Maintain the difficult balance between innovation and repeatability.  Don't be afraid to innovate, but never at the sake of consistency.
  • Craft Quality - Don't be afraid to show off, make it nice, if you believe it's not perfect, try again.
  • Intention is a requirement - Intentions are mental states in which we commit ourselves to a course of action.  
Mission Statement - Delight and wow with exceptional hospitality while producing world-class coffee, drinks, food & pastry.