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We sell wholesale and bulk coffee worldwide to restaurants, offices coffee shops and other establishments.

If you are interested in serving or selling our coffees, or have other wholesale inquiries please send us a message here.

What makes VESTA different?

We carefully source all of our coffees from origins across the world.  Focusing on quality, traceability, and social responsibility with each lot.  Countless hours are spent developing the coffees and roasts to present the coffee in it's greatest light.  

We only wholesale and bulk sell a small range of coffees and our offerings are always changing. This is because we only buy small lots of coffee from different producers, and we try to make sure the coffees are as fresh and tasty as possible.  We only roast coffee to order for our wholesale customers to ensure freshness and quality. 

We regularly hold private and public cuppings, lab sessions, training, and classes extending coffee education for students and enthusiasts of all levels.  


We offer free training to all our wholesale clients to make sure that our coffees taste great whenever and wherever they are served.  If you are not able to get our coffees to taste good, please contact us and we are more than happy to help you dial in the brewing parameters to achieve sweet and clean tasting cups of coffee.


VESTA is available to rent, sell and service any coffee service and prep equipment you may need.  We understand that coffee brewing equipment can be finicky, but we are always here to help.  We want you to be successful, and that comes from not only having the best product, but being able to coax that out by brewing and extracting coffee to it's fullest potential. 

Have questions about coffee?  
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