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Improving your home brew: Storage

Improving your home brew: Storage

We bag our coffee directly after roasting into nitrogen flushed, aluminum-lined bags, meaning that our coffee is technically optimal until about 90 days from the roast date. We think it shines right at about 20-30 days off roast! When you roast coffee, gases - including a lot of carbon dioxide - form inside the bean. Escaping gases can affect brewing by creating bubbles and air pockets disrupting contact between coffee grinds and water leading to uneven extraction. We recommend letting the coffee rest for at least 5 days after the roast date. 

For proper at-home coffee storage, we recommend keeping your coffee beans in the bags they came in. Our bags are resealable and feature a one way valve that, once sealed, allows you to push all the oxygen out of, without letting it back in. Reducing coffee's contact with oxygen prolongs its freshness, flavor and aroma. Keep the bag in a pantry or cabinet that is dry and not too warm.

The worst things for coffee are air, heat, moisture and light. If you do decide to transfer your coffee into another container, we recommend airtight opaque containers that are kept away from sunlight, moisture and heat. We do not recommend storing coffee in the fridge or freezer due to its porous nature and ability to absorb odors and aromas from its environment. Once the coffee is removed from the fridge, you also risk introducing moisture to the beans as they warm up to room temperature.

There are some great ideas out there for reducing coffee waste. Check out this article for Five Steps to Reduce Your Coffee Waste with Umeko Motoyoshi

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