Improving your home brew: Water Quality

Posted by Dale Capistrano on

Seeing as coffee is 98% water, starting with higher quality water will often be the best and cheapest way to upgrade your home coffee game. 

We experience some seriously HARD water in Las Vegas. At Vesta Coffee Roasters, we use a reverse osmosis filtration system that allows us to effectively control the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of our water consistently.. We track this on a daily basis to ensure the best tasting coffee for our customers.

At home water filtration can be costly. If you're looking for a solid way to step up your water game at home, we recommend using Third Wave Water. It's a great product to up the TDS of distilled water to ensure better tasting coffee. 

Here's a couple of links to improve your water for home brewing:

Simple recipe from Barista Hustle 

James Hoffman introduction of water for coffee

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