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Three New Costa Rican Beauties

Three New Costa Rican Beauties

Back in March, our founder, and sometimes green buyer, flew down to Costa Rica to meet with some longtime producer partners, as well as seek out some new coffees to add to our lineup.  Traveling across Costa Rica to learn more about the coffees we purchase, how they are grown, picked, and processed.  While cupping the available harvests from farmers across the country.  

First stop was Hacienda Sonora, ran by Diego Guardia and his father.  We have purchased their coffees for almost three years.  Usually a meticulously processed honey Villa Sarchi or Catuai.  Sadly, we were not able to secure one of their lots this year, but we are confident we will in years to come!  
Next, we traveled over to Tarrazu to meet with Perry and Nela from Selva and Don Eli.  They have their hand on the pulse of Tarrazu and helped guide us through all of great selection of coffees of the area.  They were gracious enough to let us crash at the family guest house with Nela's father, Carlos and the rest of the Montero family.  We were able to learn about his history, outlook for specialty coffee and goals for the future over those few days. 
After blind cupping coffees for three days we were drawn to one of Carlos' lots, the 'Papa' lot from Guadalupe.  And luckily, we were able to secure the complete farm lot!  (and it's available now!)
On the way back to San Jose we stopped at the Cafe Imports office, 'Oxcart Coffee'.  Where Cafe Imports has been working to strengthen their relationships in Costa Rica by having an office where farmers can drop off samples and buyers can come in to chat, learn, cup and meet.  We tasted some phenomenally processed coffees from Las Laja's and the Aguilera Brothers and purchased them right there!  A beautiful Perla Negra Natural from Las Lajas, and a Honey processed Gesha M2 from the Aguilera bros.
All three coffees are available now (until the sell out).  Check them out here.
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