Don Eli - Anaerobic Catuai
Don Eli - Anaerobic Catuai
Don Eli - Anaerobic Catuai
Don Eli - Anaerobic Catuai
$ 32.00

Don Eli - Anaerobic Catuai

12 oz / 340 gm

Tasting Notes: Berry Skittles, Green Apple, White Wine

This was the first season that Jacob really went out on his own and processed lots for himself to offer as a miller. This time, he actually took his own money from last year’s Cup of Excellence success and bought fruit from various growers - including our dad, Carlos. He is not only running the mill for Don Eli, now, and getting free cherries from Carlos’ farms. The idea is that Jacob begins to truly take over the milling operation at Don Eli and can foster a solid career in the coffee industry. For this particular lot, Jacob actually purchased some of the best catuai fruit from Carlos’ La Pastora Farm - more specifically from the Manzanal section of the plantation.

Process - Anaerobic Natural

Jacob has been honing in his fermentation skills for his specific conditions like the environment around the wet mill and the fruit that is received. Over the past couple of years, he and Carlos have niched out a fermentation area into the wet will and made better raised beds for optimal drying. Honestly, Jacob keeps it pretty straight forward for this fermented process. After he receives and inspects the fruit, he gives it a quick rinse and seals it off into grain pro bags. The coffee is left in this condition for 5 days as Jacob keeps an eye on it and gives the bags a turn every so often. After the fermentation period the coffee is dried in the fruit on raised beds in Jacob’s preferred method - very slowly. The coffee is kept in a medium-thick layer and shade is used to control a nice, slow drying. Jacob believes this is the key and has nearly perfected his method for a clean, fruity, and long lasting process. This coffee takes over a month to process and dry.

New This Year

There are always new things happening at Don Eli as you know Carlos cannot keep still for a second - always moving and working on projects! Of course, Jacob going a bit more out on his own, purchasing fruit, and fully running the wet mill was progress. Carlos and Jacob put together a humble dry mill in the warehouse. This makes so many improvements for the project, like faster export preparation, increased traceability, efficient transport, and more attention to detail. Carlos and Jacob continue to plant new and interesting varieties into the farm, so we hope in a few years to enjoy the fruit! Another huge and proud moment for the entire family was improving in Cup of Excellence this year. Don Eli got 6th place this time and received the 2nd highest bid at auction!


Origin: Costa Rica
Region: La Pastora (Manzanal), Tarrazu
Variety: Catuai
Altitude: 1600 masl
Processing: Anaerobic Natural

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