El Ubérrimo Gesha - Colombia
El Ubérrimo Gesha - Colombia
$ 38.00

El Ubérrimo Gesha - Colombia

Tasting Notes: Floral, Green Tea, Kumquat

El Ubérrimo farm is operated by Francy Liceth Castillo in the Nariño Department of Colombia. “Ubérrimo” refers to the abundant production of the crops on the farm, which is a project shared primarily between Francy, her parents, and her five sisters.

This lot of Gesha coffee underwent Washed processing. Harvested cherries were dry fermented for 72 hours prior to being depulped. The pulped coffee is then fermented with honey for 72–96 hours in a biodigester. The fermented coffee is then fully washed and dried in the sun for 15–20 days.

Origin: Colombia
Region: Narino
Variety: Gesha/Geisha
Altitude: 2148 MASL
Processing: Fully washed & processed w/ Honey

12 oz / 340 gm