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Three New Costa Rican Gems - One Honey & Two Anaerobic Process Coffees

Posted by Janet Gaytan on

We couldn’t be more excited to be featuring three coffees from Costa Rica at Vesta Coffee Roasters. We have had a long standing relationship with Carlos Montero from Costa Rica, which has allowed us to use his coffee solely for our cold brew. We are featuring two anaerobic process coffees, one of which is produced by Carlos Montero’s son, Jacob Montero, and the other from Javier Solis.

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Specialty Coffee Competition in Colombia

Posted by Bold Commerce Collaborator on

Day one consisted of a long boring day of travel and nerves from anticipation for an exciting trip full of new people and coffee experiences that I was ready to embrace fully. My anxiety had been with me all day (I’m not great on airplanes) because of all the unknowns of this trip, but my curiosity brought a sense of anticipation and dare I say, excitement to see Colombia, meet new coffee people and try great coffees from the Best Cup competition. 

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